Animaparc® Occitanie welcomes you to its new online store. Extend your family experience and find many souvenirs from our different stores. Several ranges of products are available :
- 15th anniversary collector (brand new products)
- Retro vintage Animaparc 15 years ago
- Dinosaurs (plush, mugs, books, activities, etc.)
- Animals (plush, book, mugs, activities, etc ...)
- Other activities and games

We wish you a good experience of shooping !

En quoi sommes-nous différents des autres ?

Animaparc 15 collector's

A brand new range with new products published exclusively for the 15th anniversary of Animaparc. Unique items that will not be found afterwards at Animaparc.

Animaparc retro vintage

Discover or rediscover retro products on sale at Animaparc in previous years with the old logo, the old mascot.

World of Dinosaurs

Find all the dinosaur themed products that your children love so much. Plush, toys, mugs, magnets, books, t-shirts, activities and games.

World of Animals

Find all the products on the theme of animals. Plush, toys, mugs, magnets, books, t-shirts, activities and games.

Activities & Games

Find all the fun and educational products to have fun while learning lots of things. Great experiences for your kids!

Gift Cards and Vouchers

Offer gift cards to use at the Animaparc® Occitanie store. Vouchers are also available to collect your product at Animaparc on the day of your visit.

Extend Your Family Experience

Visit our website www.animaparc.com and collect all information to prepare for your next visit. Discover the brand new 2020 attractions and the park news.
Explore the 3 worlds of the theme park Animaparc® Occitanie : an Enchanted Amusement Park, the World of Animals Park and the awesome Dinosaur Forest Park.


Animaparc® Occitanie prepared lots of free presents for you ! Playbooks, coloring, wallpapers, park photos, videos, and more...